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Development Opportunities
Asora Education Enterprises is seeking partners with appropriate expertise and resources who will help us develop the various aspects of Stellar Schools.
General Opportunities
Asora Education Enterprises, while focused mainly on its Stellar Schools project, has been undertaking projects that indirectly support K-12 reform efforts based on online instruction. A number of these are described elsewhere on this website. Perhaps of most prominence have been our studies of public school achievement tests as reported by various state departments of education. These studies not only provide a public service, they also provide a marketing tool in the promotion of Stellar Schools.
Stellar Schools Project
Until we acquire significant financial resources, we will be limited in our ability to hire developers for the Stellar Schools project. Developing this online self-paced instructional system will require significant human and financial capital. We seek partners who can help facilitate the required developments. We are particularly interested in players willing to be compensated through equity participation or other sharing of future revenues.

We presume that the basic courseware for each course is obtained from an online instructional software vendor. We also assume that this courseware will be incomplete because not all of the 15 instructional components (described under
Courseware Brokerage Services) will be present. Thus we envisage a number of different kinds of collaborations including:
Production of video and audio presentations
Very few vendors include video and audio presentations so most courses will need such augmentations. Ultimately, we will seek movie industry quality, but in early versions, lower cost productions will be used. Also to be included in this phase is the drafting of the lecture notes for these presentations, which contain the Learning Concept Statements that define the course's curriculum and its associated examination data base.

Creation, maintenance, and operation of assessment system
For each course an examination database will be formed from the Learning Concept Statements (LCS). Generally, each LCS will lead to multiple questions- perhaps as many as ten each.

CyberTutor authoring
This is a feature to be added to the assessment system. It is an automatic mechanism for compiling a remediation document that includes both textual and video presentations of the issues and concepts surrounding each question answered incorrectly.

CyberWorkbook authoring
This is a hardcopy workbook containing assignments and problem sets that are completed by students and subsequently scanned for grading by the Hub center staff.

CyberDrill authoring
This is essentially an online workbook. Each exercise will relate to one or more Learning Concept Statements.

CyberGames authoring
A computer game will be created for each course. They will be designed such that students who have mastered the course will tend to win more often.

Tutoring staff training
Schoolroom tutors and help desk tutors will be trained to manage students and will be trained in the course content as well as the mechanics of the courseware.


If you are interested in learning more about development opportunities please explore our website, read our
reports on development, and then please contact us when you are ready to learn more.