We Derive Enthusiasm From:
Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Education Enterprises Seek Players
in its Stellar Schools Franchising Project

If you might consider being a participant in Asora's Stellar Schools effort, we provide some further information in this area of our website that may be of interest to you. Or if you know of others who might find this of interest you and they may also find this section to be of interest.

Here our perspective is that of an investor, granting organization, or any other interested party who wants to have a better understanding of the characteristics of Stellar Schools that would help it thrive as a business or as a service organization.

In very brief terms we answer that in our
abstract- The Quest in a Nutshell.

A more detailed presentation of these considerations with respect to a number of business concerns is to be found in our report,
Rationale & Motivation for Stellar Schools.

Some of the introductory material from our Rationale & Motivation report is also presented in
three video clips, including one that specifically addresses investor concerns. There is a great deal of risk in such an investment. Thus one of our issues relates to what measures can be taken to reduce these risks.